What People are Saying

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Say what?

ToonVox has opened the door to the world of Animation Voiceover and Acting. They helped me out of my comfort zone which is the only way to get better. I wish there was an Act 4,5 & 6!

– Jud –


I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin than I have while being in the sound booth… the entire experience is quite liberating.

– Nina –


I have been doing voice work for longer than many of the students have been alive… I have been inspired, excited, extended, shaped and surprised in the course. For that, I thank you.

– Doug –


You both rock! Gurus without the egos!

– Mark –


Even after two years of broadcasting school I wouldn’t have considered myself prepared for the voiceover industry… but 8 hours of ToonVox and I feel like I could handle it!

– Ryan –


Today, flipped a 20 foot green monster on his back… and fought a zombie. I’m hooked!

– Carmen –


ToonVox Rocks!

– Ian –