Brad Belden

animation producer and engineer Brad BeldenBrad Belden has spent 8 years working on audio for animated projects from around the globe.  Brad has worked as Audio Engineer or Voice Director on over 1200 episodes of animated television series, video games and specials. His work can be seen on Cartoon Network USA and UK, YTV, BBC, French and German television and Warner Bros. Home Video releases, along with video games being available on PS2, PS3, Wii, X-Box and Nintendo DS systems.

Brad also directs open call auditions and show specific auditions. He has worked very hard at developing a strong voice pool in both Calgary and Edmonton. He is very familiar with the voice talent in Alberta and uses this familiarity to assist in the casting of many of the projects he works on. Brad hopes to bring all of his experience and knowledge together to pass on a unique and valuable learning experience. He is very excited to be a ToonVox VoxCoach!