Toonvox Voiceover Workshops

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Wanna Voice Cartoons?

ToonVox Workshops are a training program to get those voices out of your head and into some cartoons!  In operation since 2009, our ToonVox 3-Act system has become a proven way to get new and experienced voiceover artists auditioning for and voicing animated series and video game projects. Industry professionals Brad Belden and Jonathan Love coach you through the technical specifics, dramatic challenges and industry know-how to get you confident and marketable in the booth.

After taking ToonVox workshops, Rookie Talent have landed their first voiceover gig, Veteran Voice Actors have found a way to break into new voiceover genres, and even Professional Animators from top studios have found new ways to breathe life and voice into their creations! All workshops are hands-on experiences with ToonVox Talent working ‘in studio, on mic & to picture’ just like every professional animation voiceover session.

Why should you sign up to be a ToonVox Talent?

We know that ever since you were a kid eating sugared cereal in front of the Saturday morning television line-up, you’ve always wanted to voice cartoons.   From Looney Tunes to Hannah Barbara, Disney to the Simpsons, your passion for what these characters say (and how they say it) is undeniable.

Each Family Guy or Inuyasha episode takes talented & trained voice actors to bring these characters to life.  ToonVox offers that training.

In our workshops, you’ll  work with directors, engineers and other voice talent to learn professional ADR & Prelay Voiceover Techniques in a relaxed and fun environment.  Furthermore, your recorded material will be saved and accessible to any future ToonVox Entertainment client looking to cast their next project!

Don’t take our word for it.  Check out what people are saying. You’ll find that the feedback is quite animated! We’re not just putting words in their mouths… we’re coaching them to put words into characters‘ mouths!

Where do you see (and hear) yourself?

  1. The Passionate NoviceLike to read stories to younger family members?  Have you had someone tell you you have a voice for radio?  Can you freely quote obscure anime episodes? ToonVox is for you.  If you have never voiced before, you’ll learn the importance of vocal warm-ups, how to expand your range and what to work on to improve as you set your sights on your first voice gig.
  2. Between Stages PerformerAre you an experienced theatre or film actor wanting to break into another market?  Do you have a personal inventory of character voices catalogued in your brain? All trained up with nowhere to voice? ToonVox is for you. Voiceover and animated voiceover are a whole different skill-set that can compliment the craft you’ve honed and open doors into new performance venues.
  3. The Gambler Like the idea of being paid to do something fun?  Never tried anything like this before but are willing to go out on a limb?  Do you need a creative outlet because your job is sucking out your soul? ToonVox is for you.   Like any good gamble, you can’t win unless you play!  See you in the workshop!


Wherever you see/hear yourself, ToonVox can give you the vocal, technical and dramatic training to excel in the booth.  Learning specific industry techniques, lingo and expectations will be advantageous to you when auditioning and working in the rewarding world of voiceover.