Prelay Voicing

Prelay Voicing

ToonVox has a rare experience in training performers in a Prelay recording environment.

Prelay is the voice acting that many are most familiar with, the art of voicing now what will be animated later.

This is the dream job for any voice actor.  Having the freedom to create the character before it has been rendered onscreen gives the voice actor significant input.  In fact, many animators film the actors while voicing to use their facial features and expressions to help bring a character to life.

This type of voice recording requires a lot of imagination.  With the guidance of the director and engineer, and without a visual reference onscreen, the voice actor is responsible for breathing life into their character(s) in all situations and contexts.  All dialogue and reactions are recorded for the animators to work with, then there are usually subsequent pick-up sessions to re-record specific lines to alter context, timing, energy or text itself.

Prelay voiceover can be recorded in different ways.  You’ll notice on the DVD extras of your favorite animated films, performances can be captured one character at a time, offering an actor and director several consecutive takes of the same line for performance options.  Or, Prelay can be recorded ‘in the round’ with the entire cast reading as if the script was a radio play.  This is beneficial for scene and sequence timing, character relationships and general flow of narrative.

Either way, Prelay indicates that the voice performance has been set before the character is animated.