ADR – Automated Dialogue Replacement

or “Dubbing”

ToonVox has a strong focus on training performers in the skillset of ADR recording. Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR or Dubbing) is the art of recording post-production dialogue where the voice matches the picture.

Dubbing can be used to:

  • Rerecord on-screen dialogue with improved audio quality
  • Voice dialogue in another language for new audiences (in lieu of sub-titles)
  • Replace voice performances while matching the on-screen picture

We have all seen the old-school kung-fu movies where the audio dialogue is mistimed to the mouth movements!  As entertaining as that is, some projects require precise fit to mouth movements (or flaps) to successfully break into a new market.  It’s a savvy business decision to have your overseas films or animated series dubbed to match as closely to the flaps, vocal style, energy and emotional performance of the original.

The process is creatively rewarding and labor intensive.  Actors work with an engineer and a director to create a post production performance line by line.  Each line or vocal reaction is directed to breathe life into the character,  suit the context of the story, achieve high quality audio capture and is ultimately tailored to fit the flaps for a convincing performance unity.  Line by line, scene by scene and sequence by sequence, episodes are crafted one character at a time.

ToonVox is committed to training voice talent in this skill-set.  It’s difficult to fathom just how high a percentage of voiced dialogue in a film or video must be re-recorded for optimum sound quality.  This is something that is rarely taught to performers. Many fine screen actors are out of their element when having to recreate their previous performance energy in the confines of a studio.  The skill of ADR recording is a specialized one.  One which, when mastered, can help a performer in the commercial, narration, animation and onscreen acting media.  Experience ADR recording in all levels of our ToonVox Workshops!