Act 3 – A New Direction

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ToonVox Act 3: A New Direction

This ToonVox Masterclass is by invitation only. ToonVox Act 3: A New Direction offers the unique chance for invited ToonVox Talent to work with one of the industry leaders, voice director Karl Willems. Based on the recorded work in Acts 1&2, ToonVox Talent will be invited by Brad, Jonathan and our guest director to work in studio on scripts selected specifically for what your voice-type would be cast as in the marketplace.s.

* Please note, the ToonVox Act 1 & 2 workshop is a pre-requisite to Act 3.

Karl has been at the helm of many of the most popular and renown animated series including Deathnote, Inuyasha, Iron Man, X-men & the Fantastic Four. We are pleased to offer this one-day in studio experience to eligible ToonVox Talent. Working on ADR sequences all day in two separate studio settings, with multiple directors, you will get all of the on mic coaching you’ll need to successfully analyze the script, set vocal choices, establish character emotion, fine tune the performance and record to picture. All the while, you’ll be working with an industry professional who is working with ToonVox to help deepen the trained voice talent pool for his current and upcoming projects..

You’ll Learn:

  • How different directors can help shape your performanceThe rhythm of a professional VO session
  • The rhythm of a professional VO session
  • Emotional depth of character VO
  • Working technical reactions with complex characterizations
  • An inside track on what directors look for in casting
  • What you need to work on as an individual VO actor

ToonVox Act 3: A New Direction is a unique workshop in this industry. Individual attention, critique as well as an ensemble learning process make this an enjoyable and rewarding step towards being cast. Not only does your previously recorded material get you an invitation to the Masterclass, your recorded work in Act 3 (directed by one of the foremost voice directors in North America) is accessible to clients for future productions.

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