Act 2 – Character Building

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ToonVox Act 2: Character Building

This is the character focus class where VoxCoaches help enrollees map acting performance arcs, build life-sounds and reaction libraries, and work with vocal ranges to create a variety of character options for casting. This is where we fuse the technical skills from Act 1 with the dramatic skills needed to sustain larger roles.

* Please note, the ToonVox Act 1 workshop is a pre-requisite to Act 2.

As a ToonVox Talent, you will be coached through several characters in both ADR and Prelay scenes and scripts.   While our primary goal is to let the ‘voices in your head’ be heard, we get to analyze the motivation and relationships these new-found characters need to drive the story.  As in Act 1, we’re running each exercise as a professional session.  For instance, the line-by-line skill-set of the ADR process will have you adapting your vocal choices to picture, while the Prelay script is recorded in studio with a full cast individually mic’d and ‘in the round’ (much like any episode of The Simpsons).

You’ll Learn:

  • Vocal differentiation for playing several characters
  • Blending the Technical & Creative challenges in VO performance
  • The ‘Acting’ side of animation voiceover
  • In studio lingo and procedures for both ADR and Prelay scripts
  • Studio tricks of the pros
  • How strong character choices in auditions land roles

ToonVox Act 2: Character Building is a vital step towards winning animated roles that require the depth and nuance of acting to bring the character to life! By the end of this one-day workshop, you will be well versed in the process of both ADR and Prelay VO sessions and able to step confidently into any VO gig.
Note that some talent have booked recurring roles based on their performance in Act 2..

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