Act 1 – Finding your Voice

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ToonVox Act 1: Finding your Voice

Finding you voice is a full day, in-studio workshop that explores the world of an animation voice actor. This is the introductory session where VoxCoaches help all performers find their voice on mic.

In studio. On mic. To Picture.

Act 1 puts you (and your voice) right into of the animated world. With training in character text analysis, ‘to picture’ reaction sequences, and group ‘walla’, we prepare you for every animated voiceover experience you’ll encounter. Whether playing an alien overlord, an ancient samurai, a dim-witted moose or a moody princess, it’ll be engaging, entertaining and fun. (That’s why we got into this business, isn’t it?)

You’ll Learn:

  • A thorough overview of the ADR industry
  • Technical vs. Creative Performance
  • Microphone Techniques vital to working in the animation industry
  • Working to Picture
  • Industry Lingo & Voiceover Secrets
  • Everything you need to book a studio audition.

ToonVox Act 1 is a unique in-studio experience meant to prepare you for auditioning animation roles. Our goal is that you’ll be comfortable in front of a microphone and understand the technical basics of of ADR recording.

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